Panel Discussion
Mi 19 Dez 2012 | 12:00–13:30

Interasian Poetics: Arabic, Persian, Braj Basha, Sanskrit, Malay and Javanese

Thibaut d’Hubert (University of Chicago), Rajeev Kinra (NU), Prashant Keshavmurthy (McGill), Islam Dayeh (Zukunftsphilologie/FU Berlin), Ronit Ricci (ANU), Luther Obrock (UC): Panel Discussion

CSDS Delhi

Panel Discussion with Thibaut d’Hubert, Rajeev Kinra, Prashant Keshavmurthy, Islam Dayeh, Ronit Ricci, Luther Obrock. The discussion was part of the Zukunftsphilologie Winter Academy “ Philologies Across the Asias: The Translation, Transmission and Transformation of Knowledge in the Early Modern World”, 10–21 December 2012, Delhi.
You will find more information on the Winter Academy here.

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