Farooqi, Mudasir Mufti (Translator)

The Captured Gazelle: The Poems of Ghani Kashmiri

The Captured Gazelle is an elegant and lucent translation of the poems of the seventeenth-century Persian poet Mulla Tahir Ghani, better known as Ghani Kashmiri. Eulogized by poets such as Mir and Iqbal, Ghani is an outstanding representative of sabk-e-Hindi or the ‘Indian style’ in Persian poetry, which became a hallmark of the Mughal–Safavid literary culture.
The introduction situates Ghani against his unique background in which Iranian and Indian poetic cultures came together to create a glorious literary age in Kashmir, while the translations capture Ghani in his wide spectrum of moods—satirical, playful, self-pitying, pessimistic, mystically resigned—bringing alive his wit and ingenuity in a modern idiom without losing hold on the tone.

Mudasir Mufti was a Zukunftsphilologie Fellow in 2012-2013.

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