Wed 25 Aug 2021

Print Cultures in the Making in 19th and 20th-Century South Asia: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

The issue also features the following articles by Gretchen Head, Aslıhan Gürbüzel, and our first Philological Conversation with Gauri Viswanathan and Michael Allan:

Print Culture and Sufi Modernity: Al-Tuhāmī al-Wazzānī’s Embodied Reading of Morocco’s Nahḍa, by Gretchen Head

Bilingual Heaven: Was There a Distinct Persianate Islam in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire?, by Aslıhan Gürbüzel

Philological Conversation

Heterodox Philology: A Conversation with Gauri Viswanathan, by Michael Allan


The journal Philological Encounters (PHEN) is dedicated to a historical and philosophical critique of philology and promotes critical and comparative perspectives with the aim of integrating textual scholarship and the study of language from across the world.

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