The Program

The Program

Zukunftsphilologie: Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship supports critical research on the history of philological practices and textual scholarship by integrating marginalized scholarly traditions from across the world and interrogating Eurocentric and colonial paradigms.

Zukunftsphilologie began in 2010 as a program of the Forum Transregionale Studien and, after a successful build-up phase between 2010-2015, continues its work at Freie Universität Berlin. In its initial phase, the program supported twenty-two innovative research projects by way of a Fellowship program. During this period, the program hosted the World Philologies Seminar series and organized winter academies, conferences and workshops. The success of these activities resulted in the establishment of the program’s journal Philological Encounters (PHEN) in 2016.
Philological Encounters is a unique peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the historical and philosophical critique of philology. Alongside four issues a year, the Philological Encounters Monographs are published as a supplement to the journal.

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